May – Ma’N’y hurdles!

Posted on: May 27, 2010

May 11th:: The day when I started my jouney to  SSSU for admission into MBA course.. It started with a disastrous news that my grandpa(AKR) was admitted in hospital. With all my will I was in puttaparthi, the divine town of India. I’m sure there is a peace and good msg by baba to all humanity. Time went tensed for, its my lyf destiny and I’m nt thru to Interview. But had baba darshan twice nd I wrote a letter for my grandpa’s recovery. Had sleepless days as I lost my admit at SSSU and lost my grandpa forever 😦

May 14th::  AKR is no more ::  He has been the head and vision for us all the time. He is also Convenor, Weavers United Front, Andhra Pradesh. Founder and President, NORAD, Andhra Pradesh. Back in tenali, my hometown. Spent those few days with family. It just resembles the happenings as said somewhere in g’arudapuranam’. Spending with someone close to heart makes days-hour; hours-minutes; minutes-seconds; seconds- … !

MAy26:: Received IPE Admit call for ‘International Business’ discipline. However, I’m  in dilemmaa deciding b/w IPE and NotionInk..

Veturi’s demise in the short gap also added to my worry. Sekhars sentiment – telugu lost a gr8 writer. What will my fav director do now??

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