Here we are @ QAN!

Posted on: April 23, 2010


This week has been most exhausting and happiest to me for many reasons! This is where we are after a considerable time of innovation at NI. We are finally done with a tool ~ QAN (Quality Assurance of NotionInk Apps) our own automation tool which runs CTS Scripts, Dalvik, Graphic, Monkey, Instrumentation, JUnit and automates the validation process of any Android applications. Though we thought of partnering with some industry experts lyk wind river – what stopped us is that they r not upto our needs. I really wanna appreciate our team (Sr, Sh, Ap, Ra ‘n’ Rv) for collective effort.. Many many thanks to our task master Vital.. We are enjoying the success now! Some more things which made this week so special are:

i) Davids b’day and we celebrated it @ NI!

ii)Fan page progressing rate is steady ~ 3600+

iii)I declared this ‘rebuilding relations month’ – making best of it!

iv)Google’s stamping many beta features: Webmaster tools, Local Search, Tweet analyser etc.,

v)Facebook redefining the way netizens experience the online world ~ “So together let’s make a world that’s that good.” adds Mark Zuckerberg at f8 conference.

IPL turning out to be the ‘Corruption Premier League’. I don’t know what was modi thinking when he blew the lid of this dirt?  After-all we watch WWF knowing it is a pre-planned play. Yet, watching cricket is a fatigue for me.  So, excited to see my Mr.Cool, MS Dhoni leading  super kings to finals of IPL for 2nd time.  Wishing Dhoni all the best for his strategy and waiting to see CSK with $million trophy!

Looking back again:Yay, David: We celebrated ur b’day at NI. David Ashwood – one of the biggest fans of NI on fb. Being close to him since the start of fan page, he is my guru of marketing. He made NI proud many a times when customers screwed us for concurrent update. He promised that, he s gonna share his experience torch for the next couple of years..

Most exciting is this weekend.. How/When/Where am I gonna spend it? Stay tuned for the next post dear 🙂

Update @ 26th Apr :: Hehe, Mr.Cool is the king of IPL. My happiness lies in seeing him as a skipper of Indian Team.. However, there are lot more to get home Dhoni. T20 world cup, Champions Trophy and more importantly every Indian’s night-mare ‘ODI World Cup’. Will you be able to repeat it? Only time has to answer..

And my weekend with chaitu.. This was what I’ve been waiting since a while ago. Happy to spend with my dearest ones always. What not, chaitu, it all made a very very special weekend for me.. Finally, email from NI regarding the break-up CTC. I call it a gr8 day/week!


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