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Its already 6 days since the last time I have seen my lappy.. God, get it back !

Getting to see more and more competition on technology space day – by – day.

  • Facebook to launch full-on email service to take stake on Gmail
  • Apples law suite on HTC for patents
  • iPad released all over the world ~ but fans still waiting for ‘Adam’
  • Watch out the Gadgetrivia space ~ Interesting!
  • HP Slate – ICD Gemini tablets stands on top contenders of iPad [aside ‘Adam’]
  • Checking ‘Google Wave’ and ‘Google Search Story Creator’ {the below is embedded video}. ~still wanna read…


I m now in fact getting used to stay without my laptop. I can never forget that day when myself and my cousin tried to get the best configuration to home.

I never thought this would happen to me. This is sarcastic indeed! I should count on ‘God’ now. However, lemme just pour in my melting moments with my best frnd ever in this world since 15-Jun-2006.  It is my ‘Mother of computing’ .. ~still wanna read…

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