Thurst to purse MBA @ IPE

Posted on: June 29, 2010


Really after a long time I’m back to my blog. Once I converted IPE to admit, introspection started in my cerebellum.. When I finally decided to tend to IPE, I can see tensed chaitu, helping venu bro, mama assistance, mom acceptance, sys +ve nod.. My only question is will I get there nd will I be ‘Techno{B.Tech + MBA}’

The answer is YES only when ‘pappa’ made it my day! On 15th June, you r my hero! Many relatives admired at my decision, friends encouraged!! As addressed by other day by Deepak  C. Jain(Dean Emertise, Kellogg B-School + The boss of Philip.Kotler) the biggest gift in India is that parents get to understand the importance of education. But do we??

Things going at a rapid pase.. Busy with admission process. I admire at the Indian banking situation. Why section 80E? Why pages of financial budget and ministry of finance? When banks don’t follow the rules and regulations.. ! Does the situation change? But I tried to change, being ‘UNHAPPY’ at SBI.

Back to Hyd on 21st, signed off NotionInk. I can see the otherside of my Director now. He is not at all interested to accept my resignation. However, done with KT, NDA for 2yrs.

June 22nd :: The day when I step into my B-School as a ‘future manager’. I got to see one of the best on the dias addressing us. Interesting to see the face of IPE as face of TCS campus pulse. Trying to follow many principles addressed by Mr.Srikanth Surampudi, TCS HR Head. One among them is  ‘Integrity: will we stop our vehicle at 12am for red signal?’ Others being attitude, commitment etc., Trying to “Live the values”

The first week at IPE has been quite interesting. I’m admired at the diversity of my class : Few people from HR, Business Development. A chef, santoor mom, homeo doctor, ngo organisers. From different backgrounds say: Pharma, Engineering, Biotech, Commerce etc., with max expy – 5yrs.

One thing I would lyk to appeal to AU subject expertise is to include ‘MEFA’ and ‘Adobe Flex’ subject for affiliated engineering colleges as a part of curriculum., which makes lyf after graduation easier.

June 27th ::  Shifted to room @ Habsiguda, St#8. Lyf at IPE became busy. Regular classwork – assignments – seminars – chitchat in classes – library – seniors interaction -> Ragging is on !


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