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Tough one to justify though, how do I start…

I know MSD has millions of fans across the globe & I am just a drop in the ocean of fans. In India, almost a % of Indians love him, adore him; But in Dubai, I wish, I could be one of craziest & greatest fans of MSD ever.

For all the Dhoni’s Greatest Fans: He is our beloved Midas Sing Dhoni – The Man – The Machine – The Master Mind, MS Dhoni didn’t only lead a cricket team; he also taught India how to win. 

MSD is like a Kohinoor diamond 🔹 not just for Indian Cricket 🏏 but also for the global cricket. Which is why several legendary players admire at him. 

I draw inspiration from everything MSD does, his humbleness, his leadership, his success, handling tough situations with courage, his thought 💭 process (no wonder that IIM wanted to map his brain – thought process) 

I want to meet MSD and tell him how crazy I have been right for all these years and much before he started leading the team. Infact, I started adoring him for the way he composed himself, during his post match interviews with lot of admiration and the way I idolise only grew day by day till date. 

07.07 –> MSD b’day is one of the few b’days, that I celebrate more than mine every year and it is not an exaggeration.  🎉 🎊  🎈 #WorldMSDiansDay #NationalHelicopterDay 🇮🇳 🏏 #7Numbari #MSDianForever 😉

  • July 07, 2014: We cut a cake in our Hyderabad room, on our captain cool’s b’day. 
  • July 07, 2017:  Celebrated his 2k17 b’day in Dubai in style from #TopofWorld #BurjKhalifa  ~ Wishing all #MSDians an exciting 07.07.2017 and World MS Dhoni Day!!! Lets #CelebrateMSD..🎉 🎊  🎈  an evening I will treasure for ever as a tribute to MSD.

My friends celebrate MSD success on my b’day and I celebrate MSD b’day more than my b’day!! 

  • In 2011, my friends celebrated my 25th b’day as KK-Dhoni’s and its was like a honorary doctorate to me. 
  • Even today, on my b’day I have been spending most of the time in capturing my emotions/collectibles in this post as a tribute to the legend.

I am not a fan of winning MSD, but a fan of #LegendMSD (win or loose). However, I am not only a crazy fan of idol MSD, but also emotionally bonded to MSD. Many a times,  I become emotional & thinking his name, gives goosebumps. Some of them below,

On Screen (in reel life – in MSD biopic):

  • several moments, especially when he misses the flight to be a part of 1st ever official appearance after all the support from friends over night to reach airport & his reaction to it was priceless. How many of us react like that?
  • after much anticipation, his name not making into the selection list and very moment, he purchasing sweets to friends. To indicate that he will remember the day to work harder..!
  • when he received the 1st cricket kit from pakistan, after so many requests by his friend ~ singh (apparently, I’m delighted to connect with real paramjit singh on fb

In Real-Life:

  • Every time, I see his 2011 world cup winning six, tears roll my eyes, with goosebumps. 
  • WC Semis 2015 🇮🇳 Exit – Post match, the only time, I saw his teary eyes in World Cup – Couldn’t resist that.. 
  • Jamshedpur, 2006: when he played with ice bags on his back, after exhaustion in 44 degrees temparature –  (I have this paper clip photo of him in my wallet along with that of my parents)
  • When he bid adieu to the test cricket so humbly; guess what, I hardly watch test cricket anymore (#MissingMSDInWhiteJersey)
  • Recently too, when he stepped down as a captain for Team India, that was emotionally drenching. But nevertheless, he is still a leader & CaptainCool for all of us as the smartest cricketing mind.
  • We enjoy his witty side too, in post match interviews, especially this one with a foreign journalist ~ (linked video) 😛

Win or loose, every-time all I wanted to see is the post match presentation ceremonies & pre and post match press briefings. There is huge bunch of collection of these & my post-grad friends used to come to me for these.

His determination to country-first attitude, is an impeccable statement of his style and the way forward on dealing things to all the young Indians to fulfill their dreams. Because of MSD, seven is not just a number anymore its an emotion now. 

Several memorabilia, turned out to be a small museum at my home: (along with all the books on him)

  • 2011 -2016: CSK Wall of Fame – Winner of ChennaiIPL’s – Super Crazzzyyy Fan Contest, Winner of ‘Chat with Dhoni’ Contest, Winner of Sakshi b’day contest, and more importantly through to final round of Sonata Contest – But missed out to submit entry because of exams, inturn missed a chance to meet/play with Dhoni XI 😦
  • Feb’2017 – Receiving an autographed white jersey from Brand Seven & Brand Seven – sending a shirt that he wore as a token of gratitude. 
  • Oct 2nd, 2016 – It was an absolute honor to watch his biopic along-with the legend himself, at Gurgaon, India last year. Literally goosebumps seeing my idol on stage just 300 meters away.
  • Oct-Feb 2017: The collection of miniature bats started that day and never ended, I was fortunate to win almost all the contests by all the brands during MSD biopic promotion. You name it, I am a part of winners list. Contests by: RevitalPayTM, Gulf Oil ( & InstaStarMeet), Exide Life Insurance, FoxStar Production, ShopClues ; Been a part of many more contests by: 
  • July’2017: Honored to receive the special edition original spartan bat with his autograph from Spartan Club on his b’day this year. (#SpartanGoldMember – 27824)
  • Sept’2017 – very recently, receiving a personalized & autographed miniature bat from the MSD’s own cricket academy in Dubai.

While winning 🥇 many goodies, autographed souvenirs, bats, t-shirts, being a part of Wall of Fame CSK, and seeing him from closer, cheering his matches (be it for India, CSK, RPS) every-time he played in my city, gave me utmost pleasure & inspiration, the ultimate dream of meeting MSD one day personally, remains to be fulfilled till date. The day I meet him, its like a #LifeTimeAcheivement for me 🙂 😉 :p 

MSD & 7 are an integral part of my day to day life from years now: be it my mobile numbers, passwords, jerseys that I buy, my mobile/laptop wall paper, my email ID, Facebook banner, flight seats CheckedIn, every transaction covers/ends with 7, the moment he setup his own apparel brand, I started admiring the brand. #IAMSEVEN

All my social media accounts hold a #Tag – #Proud_MSDian too, its again a honor to hold it with his values.

The day(s) when he stepped down from test cricket & as a captain, I became very emotional 😭.  So, when I meet, wanted to tell MSD, on behalf of all the fans that, ‘please don’t retire from professional Cricket with out announcing – we want to make it a memorable #WorldMSDiansDay

Also, for me one of the biggest motivations of choosing locations:

  • Working in Chennai, India – it was the 2nd home town for our ‘Thala MSD’ of Chennai Super Kings (CSK).
  • There was a time, when I opted Ranchi as my 2nd preference of posting while working in a PSU Bank in India.
  • Now, MSD setting up his own academy in Dubai – its all destiny for me.. Where-ever, MSD goes I follow or vice-versa..

Legends like MSD carry an aura (positive energy) along-with them. Atleast once in a lifetime I wish I feel the aura closer. 

Lastly thanks to the entire team of @pacificclub for giving all the MSDians a great opportunity like this. Wish to make it to lucky list and live my ultimate dream, fingers crossed!


attaching some of the crazy artifacts..! ~ Karthik Koutharapu #Proud_Indian #MSDian 7️⃣ #Dream2MeetMSD

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In the ever-competitive world of five-star hotels, top stays are continually upping the ante for luxury-loving guests. Here is the most jaw-dropping, over-the-top experience of mine at ‘One World Hotel, Malaysia’. And I can truly talk about this from personal experience with a stay there for about 2 weeks.

On June 7th, 2016 when I was heading to my first ever business trip to Malaysia. I shortlisted One World Hotel for my stay for 15 days given its proximity to a World Class Utama Mall and IBM Innovation Centre. That proved to be a master stroke.

Worldclass Facilities:

Considered one of the most extravagant hotels in the world,
Malaysia’s One World Hotel goes all out for guests staying in their Executive Suite Rooms. One of the coolest amenities on offer in the suite – also includes a rotating canopy bed and private cinema. LED screens are personalized and programmed with access to all guest services and hotel information, and guests can order the dining from a button on TV remote.

As if that weren’t enough, each suite has a fruit platter every day, personalized greeting card to guests before arrival, customizing bedding and pillows, building bespoke music playlists, personalizing the in-room coffee program, complimentary breakfast, coordinating consultations with in-house salon IGK, setting up personal fittings with stylists, plus a limo and a driver are always on standby.

With an art collection that would put many small museums to shame, this five-star boutique townhouse hotel in Kuala Lumpur is dripping with priceless masterpieces, chandeliers, and a unique roof top garden adding to its jewel of specialities.

City of Entertainment:

The city has many tourism spots, and with a view of World’s largest twin towers i.e. Petronas from the terrace of the hotel what more you ask as you wake up every day! You have a regular shuttle to the Genting Highlands to experience a ropeway 24*7 and gorgeous view of the valley in Kuala Lumpur. En-route to Genting, you can stop by for the blessings of Lord Murugan temple which is also spotted in most of the don movies / south Indian movies.


On your last night at the hotel, they’ll arrange a grand customized dinner at the restaurant.

Overall, the entire experience has been extravagant and if you want to get lucky sharing your private time with some of the world’s celebrities like Lionel Messi etc., a visit to One World Hotel is must.

Book this hotel on ‘MakeMyTrip’https://www.makemytrip.com/hotels-international/malaysia/kuala_lumpur-hotels/one_world_hotel-details.html

Well!! Even though, I read through many blogs and articles on this sudden and shocking announcement about its New Boss #IndiasPride #PrideofChennai Sundar Pichai [Thank God Its Not April 1st :-P]

This blog caught my attention for some reason.. Here’s celebrating the next billion vision and profoundly the new – Sundar’s Google!








As many people still consider Adam and its species to be a vaporware, some term it as the biggest failure..                                                       Some tweet #RIP Adam1 😦 But many NI fans/stakeholders still anticipate for ADAM2 and eager to see an update from quite sometime.

Somehow this blog post title best suites the frame of my mind I’m in right now and most importantly to my blog.. Stay tuned as I will be back on track..!!

Cheerz, KK (April 20th, 2012)


Hello All,

We are back from hibernation now! Sorry for the break (much-needed on our end).

Let me know what is flowing across your minds and I will keep you busy reading on weekends!


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