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Sept 6th: A set back for my HCL was given by IPE to us ‘Acer – Travelmate’ Right now, feeling it – tweeting from my new lappy. Though its not a good conf, it just made my day.

The whole month was just dedicated to Samathi’s @ IPE. Inspite of my mid sem exams I managed my time for various competitions as a part of Samathi. Here it is what it meant for me as IPE’an.

And we really met the finest minds. Of them, Sriram Bharatam was the one who inspired us a lot! I still can’t believe it – he is an alumni of IPE!

(some excerpts :: to be updated shortly.. ) Meantime here is my prize winning blog: http://biztech.me – Thnx a lot ‘my3’.,


Really after a long time I’m back to my blog. Once I converted IPE to admit, introspection started in my cerebellum.. When I finally decided to tend to IPE, I can see tensed chaitu, helping venu bro, mama assistance, mom acceptance, sys +ve nod.. My only question is will I get there nd will I be ‘Techno{B.Tech + MBA}’

The answer is YES only when ‘pappa’ made it my day! On 15th June, you r my hero! Many relatives admired at my decision, friends encouraged!! As addressed by other day by Deepak  C. Jain(Dean Emertise, Kellogg B-School + The boss of Philip.Kotler) the biggest gift in India is that parents get to understand the importance of education. But do we?? ~still wanna read…

May 11th:: The day when I started my jouney to  SSSU for admission into MBA course.. It started with a disastrous news that my grandpa(AKR) was admitted in hospital. With all my will I was in puttaparthi, the divine town of India. I’m sure there is a peace and good msg by baba to all humanity. Time went tensed for, its my lyf destiny and I’m nt thru to Interview. But had baba darshan twice nd I wrote a letter for my grandpa’s recovery. Had sleepless days as I lost my admit at SSSU and lost my grandpa forever 😦 ~still wanna read…

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This week has been most exhausting and happiest to me for many reasons! This is where we are after a considerable time of innovation at NI. We are finally done with a tool ~ QAN (Quality Assurance of NotionInk Apps) our own automation tool which runs CTS Scripts, Dalvik, Graphic, Monkey, Instrumentation, JUnit and automates the validation process of any Android applications. Though we thought of partnering with some industry experts lyk wind river – what stopped us is that they r not upto our needs. I really wanna appreciate our team (Sr, Sh, Ap, Ra ‘n’ Rv) for collective effort.. Many many thanks to our task master Vital.. We are enjoying the success now! Some more things which made this week so special are: ~still wanna read…


Its already 6 days since the last time I have seen my lappy.. God, get it back !

Getting to see more and more competition on technology space day – by – day.

  • Facebook to launch full-on email service to take stake on Gmail
  • Apples law suite on HTC for patents
  • iPad released all over the world ~ but fans still waiting for ‘Adam’
  • Watch out the Gadgetrivia space ~ Interesting!
  • HP Slate – ICD Gemini tablets stands on top contenders of iPad [aside ‘Adam’]
  • Checking ‘Google Wave’ and ‘Google Search Story Creator’ {the below is embedded video}. ~still wanna read…


I m now in fact getting used to stay without my laptop. I can never forget that day when myself and my cousin tried to get the best configuration to home.

I never thought this would happen to me. This is sarcastic indeed! I should count on ‘God’ now. However, lemme just pour in my melting moments with my best frnd ever in this world since 15-Jun-2006.  It is my ‘Mother of computing’ .. ~still wanna read…

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This years much awaited film: Sekhar Kammula’s ‘Leader’ opened in theatres worldwide to positive reviews all over. Yesterday I have seen this in cinemax with my frnds. Though sekhar is not at his best in this film, I can feel many scenes in the movie heart touching and realistic to present political scenario. I am happy with sekhar’s honest attempt to bring a small change in people.

Some of the pleasing dialogues from leader::

  • ప్రజలు చఛి పోతునారు ఒక చిన్న హోప్ ఇవ్వండి..
  • ఆడపిల్లకి  న్యాయం  చెయ్యలేని  CM ఉంటే   ఎంత ఊడితే ఎంత ?
  • ఇవాళ  నిజాయితీగా  పని  చేయ్యడమంటేనే  త్యాగం  చేసినట్టు అనుకుంటున్నారు..
  • Rana with Gollapudi: “మీకు  70-80  ఏళ్ళు  ఉండొచ్చు.  మీరు  గాంధీని  తాకి ఉండొచ్చు, నెహ్రు ని కళ్ళతో  చూసి  ఉండొచ్చు. మీ  అనుభవం, చదువు  అంతా  అవినీతి కి  ధారపోసారు, పోస్తూనే  ఉన్నారు.  మీరు  ఉంటే  ఎంత ?  పోతే  ఎంత ??”
  • అరె  ఏ  మీకు (మన  రాజకీయ నాయకులకు)  రెండు  కార్లు  చాలవా  ఇరవై  కావాలా , ఇరవై ఎకరాలు చాలవా రెండొందలు కావాలా ! ఇంత  సంపాదించీ  ఒక్కరోజైనా  బైటకి  చెప్పుకోగలరా  ఏనాడైనా  దర్జాగా  బ్రతక  గలరా, దొంగల్లా  బ్రతకాలి !!
  • and more here..

As Sekhar chants:: “More than records we wish to break barriers. More than the ‘formula’, we need a solution. More than a movie, we are a movement, Bless the Beginning-Be the Change.”

I remember, sekhar campaigning for Loksatta Dr.Jaya Prakash Narayan and I doubt if he is inspired by the motives of Dr.JP.  Hope in near future, we can see Dr.JP as the best ‘educated’ leader..

లీడర్ ` the campaign continues.. ~still wanna read…

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