The Future of Screen Technology ~ Unbelievable!!


Recently, an Indian Start-up declared they have more on their desk and in the process of achieving it : Deskstream, Hyd

****Here are some funny comics****

Steve Jobs Vision !

Fan made.. no offense

The best advertisement ever !!! ( a bit genius.. )


— More coming (stay tuned)


4 Responses to "Kudos"

This is awesome 🙂

If anything, I think we went easy on Steve Jobs and his new toy. If this is the “greatest project” Jobs has ever worked on, that doesn’t say much for the iPhone, iMac, Pixar Studios, and all of his other revolutionary endeavors. Let’s face it: the Apple iPad is a great big failure. I am disappointed. You are disappointed. We all are disappointed. At the beginning of the press conference, a quote was featured on the screen – “The last time there was this much excitement about a tablet, it had some commandments written on it!” Yes, the hype was there. Even I, the biggest Sony fan and Apple-hater in the world, was excited. This device could have been so many things…

hey karthik….waitin 4 2016 creation….vei informative….hop u ll b 2016 creator…..

This web site really provides you the latest trends of Management industry as a whole. The safety video was really awesome…… It gives you a new dimension of advertising with out spending more.. and gives you a better feel of the issue in our hand…
I wanna congratulate the person who developed this site..The Funny trends of Apple are a gud addition,, I am interested in computer trends as i was an techie…but it should help other too.. I would personally suggest this site to few of my collegues as this is providing gud info…

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