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This week has been most exhausting and happiest to me for many reasons! This is where we are after a considerable time of innovation at NI. We are finally done with a tool ~ QAN (Quality Assurance of NotionInk Apps) our own automation tool which runs CTS Scripts, Dalvik, Graphic, Monkey, Instrumentation, JUnit and automates the validation process of any Android applications. Though we thought of partnering with some industry experts lyk wind river – what stopped us is that they r not upto our needs. I really wanna appreciate our team (Sr, Sh, Ap, Ra ‘n’ Rv) for collective effort.. Many many thanks to our task master Vital.. We are enjoying the success now! Some more things which made this week so special are: ~still wanna read…



I can always look back to the email kudos I have.. Today it’s from sreeni saying ::

Great work KK!

I like the way you have explored and made the JUNIT test run @ command line. This will solve a number of issues that were surfacing over the past week
I would like to quickly see this implemented. Do plan for a demo in the next two days.


~still wanna read…


The first day – Jan 7th @ NotionInk for me was definitely gr8.  By then, yet ‘unnamed tablet’ has created a lot of Buzz in the gadget space. Met Rohit Rathi, co-founder personally which was a great feel.

Jan 9th ~ coincidence, this is the day when NotionInk Adam was officially announced at CES’2010, Las Vegas. I have live streamed the video of nVidia launching it in CES (b’coz NI Adam uses tegra chip).. ~still wanna read…

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