IPE’an – Samathi..

Posted on: September 27, 2010


Sept 6th: A set back for my HCL was given by IPE to us ‘Acer – Travelmate’ Right now, feeling it – tweeting from my new lappy. Though its not a good conf, it just made my day.

The whole month was just dedicated to Samathi’s @ IPE. Inspite of my mid sem exams I managed my time for various competitions as a part of Samathi. Here it is what it meant for me as IPE’an.

And we really met the finest minds. Of them, Sriram Bharatam was the one who inspired us a lot! I still can’t believe it – he is an alumni of IPE!

(some excerpts :: to be updated shortly.. ) Meantime here is my prize winning blog: http://biztech.me – Thnx a lot ‘my3’.,

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