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Apr 2nd, 2011 : This day, every Indian has been waiting for Dhoni _ WC 28 years after all, the dream of India becoming Champions in World Cricket has come true. Indians will carry this emotions for decades to come.. Now, everyone has their own perceptions about how Team India became World Champions of Cricket. But my belief on one man “The man – The Machine – The Master Mind –> Midas Singh Dhoni” has made everything for Indian Cricket. Now we are the champions of all formats of cricket which makes cricket more and more dominant in all parts of the country. Whenever I see small kids playing cricket in streets I find the intense passion on this game and one man made it true for this country by lifting the Cup of Pride.. To my admiration many people started accusing Dhoni’s leadership as luck working out at times. If it is the case, why didn’t the same luck work out for Sachin or Ganguly when they lead the team in World Cup earlier. I call Dhoni’s way of leading as the Spirit of Platinum Leadership. For me, it’s a continuous case study. And to all the polls that discussed about who played the best in WC Final against Srilanka, I completely abide by the decision of ICC Match Referee.  For all those, who are unable to digest and hope that India will lift the most coveted cup of cricket.Here are some insights about why its so easy for us. FYI:: http://tinyurl.com/SachinonDhoni ; http://tinyurl.com/KapilonDhoni ; http://tinyurl.com/GangulyonDhoni  ;

Apr 5th / 6th : With the World Cup memories still afresh within, I attended Cognizant Technology Services internship interview. I am offered an opportunity to ‘Be Open, Be Flexible, Be Aware, Be Proactive, Be Collaborative, Be focused, Be Efficient, Innovative and above all Be Cognizant!! Seriously I thank my conscious effort about working with NotionInk earlier and honestly rating gadgets. There was a bit of luck that turned on my side at the end of day. I should thank Vinay Mishra for giving us opportunity and Sridhar Sir + K Ramesh Sir for shaping us efficiently. I am about to board CTSH Chennai on Apr 25th, 2011 and I have to prove to be passionate.. I am done with 2nd Sem exams in parallel.

Cognizant Corporate Video…

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Requirements Engineering and Requirements Management — I really liked this post! Just hv a glance ..

Requirements engineering – helps software engineers to better understand the problem they will work to solve.  It encompasses the set of tasks that lead to an understanding of what the business impact of the software will be, what the customer wants, and how end-users will interact with the software.  It establishes a solid base for design and construction.

Key issues:
1. Understanding the requirements of a problem is among the most difficult tasks that face a software engineer.
2. Doesn’t the customer know what is required?
3. Shouldn’t the end-users have a good understanding of the features and functions that will provide benefit?

“I know you think you understand what I said, but what you don’t understand is what I said is not what I mean.”

Requirements Engineering Tasks.. plz continue..

via University of Santo Tomas – Institute of Computer Studies

             2010 – what does it mean for me??

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              This month has been very very special for me !! (కార్తిక మాసం)

At IPE – its time for Sanskriti 2010 and I missed it for the sake of Diwali nd Rishi’s B’day.. Spent lot of time with family and childhood frnds..

14th – Me and kaja at uppal stadium; Inspite of seeing the entire cricket team I missed out my fav MS Dhoni. Waiting for your presence back @ Hyd soon!!

Its time for so called corporate presentations at IPE..

15th – MOB presentation (thnx to sridhar sir for following IIM methodology). Time is short for QT project presentation (this is where I observe team dynamics play a key role). Issues of telengana effected my teams work in those last few days. 22nd – we gave off final QT presentation and surprisingly this team lead by me was ranked among top 4 projects. Here is the reference for research study conducted by us on “ A Study of Parameters Influencing the Decision for Opening a Bank Account with Private Sector Banks in Hyderabad ” { Documentation @ http://www.scribd.com/doc/43635494 ; Presentation @ http://www.scribd.com/doc/43635913 ; Questionnaire @ http://tinyurl.com/BankProj ; Primary Data @ http://tinyurl.com/BankStudy } I should thank my team (Amrith, Divya, Paromitha, Avinash, Fanindra, Naveen, Bhanu, Nimeesh and Basva for their continous efforts in this. Photo0019Thanx to Shaheen Mam and all those who helped us in this proj..

21st – My b’day and this day I owe a lot to my mother, father. Thanks to all my frnds who made me what I am today. Celebrated with frnds @ Mc.Donalds and Baskin Robbins. Special thanks to vikas ‘n’ gupta. Enjoyed with coke UNlimited!! Spl thanx to NI frnds.

24th – Finance presentation on Business Strategy of Acer group. May be TNR Sir class which I attended on 19th helped me a lot! His ‘come what may’ attitude is a must for any manager and gen y professionals. I am looking forward for more and more TNR classes.

Lastly reunion with some of the tenth frnds made my month. ThnQ yagna …


Oct 24th: Its unofficial, come what may. I am engaged with iridiumInteractive Ltd., Sriram Bharatam sir made it my day! Not getting any words to express my happiness. (more soon.. )

Oct 29th:ISB Connect : ‘Sreenivas Nandam’ + Sateesh Andra + Nadendla Manohar and ‘iridium’ Learning new terms.. Thnx TiE, Hyd 🙂


Sept 6th: A set back for my HCL was given by IPE to us ‘Acer – Travelmate’ Right now, feeling it – tweeting from my new lappy. Though its not a good conf, it just made my day.

The whole month was just dedicated to Samathi’s @ IPE. Inspite of my mid sem exams I managed my time for various competitions as a part of Samathi. Here it is what it meant for me as IPE’an.

And we really met the finest minds. Of them, Sriram Bharatam was the one who inspired us a lot! I still can’t believe it – he is an alumni of IPE!

(some excerpts :: to be updated shortly.. ) Meantime here is my prize winning blog: http://biztech.me – Thnx a lot ‘my3’.,


13th: Here I am at Power of !deas. Rohan Shravan (the face of Indian Start-ups) was chief guest for it. Here is what he said.. Really proud to be a part of NotionInk. Dr.Anji Reddy, Sateesh Andra were a few who added value to that evening session by ET. ideasXchange happened to be hobby there. I can really feel the changing situation of  Indian Technology, Business Monitoring.. (more to come..)

BTW, I have to thank my MOB Sir(Management Organizational Behavior) for assigning us to do a B-Plan spanning 4-5 weeks. My plan was to implement  a weekly newsletter for IPE, first of its kind. That was a grand success. Privileged to give you access. Hope you eard about scribd? Go Air to BizScope 1 ; BizScope 2 ; BizScope 3 ; BizScope  4 ; BizScope 5 ; At the outset, I should thank my team for this success. My CFO -Kranthi, Editorial Team – Again Karthik, Koushik thanx a lot. We deserve this success!

~ journey continues.. ;

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