IPE (Biz School) goes Google!

Posted on: August 31, 2010

Hey Presto,

This is most interesting part of my blog I bet.. Assuming IPE as a Biz Firm going Google. In detail, I am just trying to visualize the concept of cost cutting and the ‘Role of IT in Business Success’. This is quiet tricky, check out the savings below:


Credits: Google App


7 Responses to "IPE (Biz School) goes Google!"

really nice
just follow him guyz

Hey , looking good to see a business school visioned as a business firm.,
I really appreciate the way you put it on ur blog ~ savings are huge !!

I feel delighted to see, IPE going Google… Really, it was of fun filled putting things to us.. I m glad that Google has come up with such a time/cost/energy saving app useful for any biz firm…

And here, Google plays a key role in making business success..

Interesting. The savings are whopping. Nice informative video.

Kewl…, Google Leads in Innovation as usual….

wonderful presentation…surely we have to forward it to all IPEans

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