2010 – what does it mean for me??

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[Update] Let me call 2010 – year of tablets! Here is a quick voting for ‘Android Person of the Year’ – Do vote for Rohan Shravan, he is already leading.. @ http://androinica.com/2010/12/27/vote-for-android-person-of-the-year-poll/

Its time for revolution – Adam has arrived..


Hello Everyone! The most awaited day has finally arrived! It took some time, but now when as we look back, it seems more than worth it. This is a rather detailed post and I will try to answer most of your questions. And there is a LOT to share. Let’s look at somethings we will talk about now: We promised that we will lower the price of the basic.. Over to NI…

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Rgrds, KK

              This month has been very very special for me !! (కార్తిక మాసం)

At IPE – its time for Sanskriti 2010 and I missed it for the sake of Diwali nd Rishi’s B’day.. Spent lot of time with family and childhood frnds..

14th – Me and kaja at uppal stadium; Inspite of seeing the entire cricket team I missed out my fav MS Dhoni. Waiting for your presence back @ Hyd soon!!

Its time for so called corporate presentations at IPE..

15th – MOB presentation (thnx to sridhar sir for following IIM methodology). Time is short for QT project presentation (this is where I observe team dynamics play a key role). Issues of telengana effected my teams work in those last few days. 22nd – we gave off final QT presentation and surprisingly this team lead by me was ranked among top 4 projects. Here is the reference for research study conducted by us on “ A Study of Parameters Influencing the Decision for Opening a Bank Account with Private Sector Banks in Hyderabad ” { Documentation @ http://www.scribd.com/doc/43635494 ; Presentation @ http://www.scribd.com/doc/43635913 ; Questionnaire @ http://tinyurl.com/BankProj ; Primary Data @ http://tinyurl.com/BankStudy } I should thank my team (Amrith, Divya, Paromitha, Avinash, Fanindra, Naveen, Bhanu, Nimeesh and Basva for their continous efforts in this. Photo0019Thanx to Shaheen Mam and all those who helped us in this proj..

21st – My b’day and this day I owe a lot to my mother, father. Thanks to all my frnds who made me what I am today. Celebrated with frnds @ Mc.Donalds and Baskin Robbins. Special thanks to vikas ‘n’ gupta. Enjoyed with coke UNlimited!! Spl thanx to NI frnds.

24th – Finance presentation on Business Strategy of Acer group. May be TNR Sir class which I attended on 19th helped me a lot! His ‘come what may’ attitude is a must for any manager and gen y professionals. I am looking forward for more and more TNR classes.

Lastly reunion with some of the tenth frnds made my month. ThnQ yagna …


Oct 24th: Its unofficial, come what may. I am engaged with iridiumInteractive Ltd., Sriram Bharatam sir made it my day! Not getting any words to express my happiness. (more soon.. )

Oct 29th:ISB Connect : ‘Sreenivas Nandam’ + Sateesh Andra + Nadendla Manohar and ‘iridium’ Learning new terms.. Thnx TiE, Hyd 🙂


Sept 6th: A set back for my HCL was given by IPE to us ‘Acer – Travelmate’ Right now, feeling it – tweeting from my new lappy. Though its not a good conf, it just made my day.

The whole month was just dedicated to Samathi’s @ IPE. Inspite of my mid sem exams I managed my time for various competitions as a part of Samathi. Here it is what it meant for me as IPE’an.

And we really met the finest minds. Of them, Sriram Bharatam was the one who inspired us a lot! I still can’t believe it – he is an alumni of IPE!

(some excerpts :: to be updated shortly.. ) Meantime here is my prize winning blog: http://biztech.me – Thnx a lot ‘my3’.,

Sept 20th, 2010 – Its not an exaggeration to address several students of IPE business school that day. This reminds me of the good olden days when I used to sit in audience chairs in the same college. I really enjoyed sharing my time with my juniors @ IPE as a chief guest that day. The auditorium was decorated with posters of CEO’s of top software cos. I was amazed to find mine among them. I am also happy to share the dais with Prof Sai Kumar sir who was my guru.

I T Samathi 032

In picture – Sriram Bharatam, CEO-Iridium Interactive (me) addressing the gathering; From left to right : V Anji Raju – Student Affairs Coordinator – IPE, Sameer Jain – TCS Consultant, Prabhu Dayal Pantula – Oracle HR, Dakshina Murthy – Free Lancer (Wipro), Prof M L Sai Kumar – IPE

Here it is! Unlike poking about the theme of that day. I thought I will share how I became an Entrepreneur. I explained to fellow mates how I used to spend time at IPE even after classes ended. I shared that I generally used to share time at IPE canteen and grab information from different persons. I explained them how I got my first job and what I used to do at HCL. I explained them that everyone should be clear about the role they are willing to work for. If they are passionate about the role – the job is open. I shared what does a successful elevator pitch requires – my experience with Shiv Nadar, HCL.

Later, I explained the first e-commerce solution sold by me – an initiative Cause and effect for a few tears less! Then iridiumInteractive..

I explained students the essence of social media by asking ‘How many of them updated LinkedIn profile in the last few hours?’ and ‘Where is Anand Mahindra now?’ I also emphasized them how important it is to learn story telling – only key to live.

I requested each one of them to do the following:

1. Watch innovations @ TED (Its not a rocket science)

2. Start ventures on their own or work for Start-ups (what’s stopping you from ?)

3. Watch Steve Jobs at launch of any product

4. Keep an eye on Slide Share (As it has all corporate presentations)

5. Observe e-Social media on Youtube..

DNA of the interview = ‘Resume on Slide Share + Message on Twitter

Regards, Sriram Bharatam

Montage @ http://bit.ly/hhi6WG

Hello all,

And yes, we are ‘ON’ with Samathi 2010 ~ meeting the finest minds..

follow my chirp ..


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