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In the ever-competitive world of five-star hotels, top stays are continually upping the ante for luxury-loving guests. Here is the most jaw-dropping, over-the-top experience of mine at ‘One World Hotel, Malaysia’. And I can truly talk about this from personal experience with a stay there for about 2 weeks.

On June 7th, 2016 when I was heading to my first ever business trip to Malaysia. I shortlisted One World Hotel for my stay for 15 days given its proximity to a World Class Utama Mall and IBM Innovation Centre. That proved to be a master stroke.

Worldclass Facilities:

Considered one of the most extravagant hotels in the world,
Malaysia’s One World Hotel goes all out for guests staying in their Executive Suite Rooms. One of the coolest amenities on offer in the suite – also includes a rotating canopy bed and private cinema. LED screens are personalized and programmed with access to all guest services and hotel information, and guests can order the dining from a button on TV remote.

As if that weren’t enough, each suite has a fruit platter every day, personalized greeting card to guests before arrival, customizing bedding and pillows, building bespoke music playlists, personalizing the in-room coffee program, complimentary breakfast, coordinating consultations with in-house salon IGK, setting up personal fittings with stylists, plus a limo and a driver are always on standby.

With an art collection that would put many small museums to shame, this five-star boutique townhouse hotel in Kuala Lumpur is dripping with priceless masterpieces, chandeliers, and a unique roof top garden adding to its jewel of specialities.

City of Entertainment:

The city has many tourism spots, and with a view of World’s largest twin towers i.e. Petronas from the terrace of the hotel what more you ask as you wake up every day! You have a regular shuttle to the Genting Highlands to experience a ropeway 24*7 and gorgeous view of the valley in Kuala Lumpur. En-route to Genting, you can stop by for the blessings of Lord Murugan temple which is also spotted in most of the don movies / south Indian movies.


On your last night at the hotel, they’ll arrange a grand customized dinner at the restaurant.

Overall, the entire experience has been extravagant and if you want to get lucky sharing your private time with some of the world’s celebrities like Lionel Messi etc., a visit to One World Hotel is must.

Book this hotel on ‘MakeMyTrip’https://www.makemytrip.com/hotels-international/malaysia/kuala_lumpur-hotels/one_world_hotel-details.html


As many people still consider Adam and its species to be a vaporware, some term it as the biggest failure..                                                       Some tweet #RIP Adam1 😦 But many NI fans/stakeholders still anticipate for ADAM2 and eager to see an update from quite sometime.

Somehow this blog post title best suites the frame of my mind I’m in right now and most importantly to my blog.. Stay tuned as I will be back on track..!!

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And yes, we are ‘ON’ with Samathi 2010 ~ meeting the finest minds..

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I would lyk to concentrate on High end tech now: Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization (sometimes called client virtualization), as a “Concept”, separates a “Personal computer” , “Desktop environment” from a physical machine using a “Client–server model” of computing. The model stores the resulting “virtualized” desktop on a remote central server, instead of on the local storage of a remote client; thus, when users work from their remote desktop client, all of the programs, applications, processes, and data used are kept and run centrally. This scenario allows users to access their desktops on any capable device, such as a traditional “Personal computer”, “Notebook computer”, “Smartphone”, or “Thin client”.

Here is the future of Screen Technology ~ Unbelievable!! Watch out

Recently, an Indian Start-up declared they have more on their desk and in the process of achieving it : Deskstream, Hyd

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Going back for – a while when CHARLES SCHUMER, senator from New York, thinks that companies like Indian software giant Infosys are “chop shops”, which he defines as companies that “outsource good, high-paying American technology jobs to lower wage, temporary immigrant workers from other countries”.

A chop shop, as Wikipedia informs me, is:

A slang phrase for an illegal location or business which disassembles stolen automobiles for the purpose of selling them as parts. It may also be used to refer to a location or business that is involved with the selling of stolen goods in general … Another common use refers to a business whose product, service, or equipment is of questionable quality.

I was only familiar with the phrase because of an excellent film I once watched by New York-based Iranian-origin director Ramin Bahrani, which, by he way, I highly recommend. I think Mr Schumer’s choice of rhetoric is very deliberate indeed: when you want to demonise someone, why not imply that what they do is somehow illegal or generally dodgy and suspect? But perhaps he could do with a small lesson in the way the commercial-services industry works. For one thing, the bulk of what Infosys does has nothing to do with “temporary immigrant workers from other countries”. Infosys employs just under 115,000 people worldwide, and the bulk of these are in India. True, it now gets some American interns from US universities, but I doubt that American computer-science students interning in Bangalore are the sorts of “temporary immigrant workers from other countries” that Mr Schumer is railing about. (Some of these workers, presumably, stay on with the company but return to America, making them among the 1,300 Americans or American permanent residents that the company’s head of HR, Mohandas Pai, says it employs in the US.)

What Mr Schumer is referring to, of course, is H-1B visa holders, engineers/coders on temporary work visas who are employed in the US by Infosys and lots of other companies, including many American ones.

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Hi, this is Abhinav and here you go,

This is how the title of this blog is BizTech (Business Technology). Excerpt from Forrester’s IT Forum 2007. The seven things Forrester Research Chairman and Chief Executive Officer George Colony would tell you. George’s list revolves around a central theme: the evolution of IT to BT (Business Technology). May 15, 2007 in Nashville.


Credits: Forrester Research

Let me identify the benefits of technology to your business ::

Whatever the industry and business size, technology — and specifically the combination of computers, computer-related equipment and Internet connections — can help you do more, while also opening new opportunities to expand your business.

Grow your business. Expand your business with technology that helps you design products for a broader customer base and increase sales to new markets.

Work smarter. Efficiency can separate your business from the competition. With the right technology in place, you can organize and manage your business more effectively, and do more with fewer resources.

Attract more customers. Technology can help you find customers who need your product or service, increase their interest in what your business  offers and build your relationship with them over time.

Enhance customer service. Build your relationship with customers by communicating more often and providing an overall improved level of service.

Stay ahead of the competition. Should you raise product prices? Is the weather going to affect a crop? Use technology to stay abreast of the latest information affecting your business, and then adjust quickly to protect your
bottom line.

Technology Supports Business Growth: Examples from Around the Globe.

In Thailand, the Tourism Authority, Intel, TT&T and Google have combined to offer hardware, software and other technology that aids small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

In Vietnam, with the help of WiMAX, a high-capacity wireless broadband solution, hotels in the Lào Cai province now use Voiceover- Internet Protocol (VoIP) to entice tourists and adventure travelers. Hospitals use technology to access the latest medical information online and through VoIP, and Internet cafés serve residents and tourists.

In France, the Passport to the Digital Economy program has helped 15,000 small businesses adopt digital technology.

In India, women have become small-business owners of more than 200 computer-training centers in the state of Maharashtra. Each center has several PCs that are used to provide computer literacy to women from the surrounding community for a minimal fee. So far, more than 10,000 women have been trained to run the businesses, and 4,000 more are being trained each year.

As shown in Figure, one can begin with a small investment in technology and then add to that investment as your needs increase. I’ll first describe the basic elements of technology that are available, and explain the benefits of each. Then I’ll show you examples of packages of technology — often called “telco bundles”

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