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Here is the love for the Notion Ink Adam!

By addressing the limitations of both e-readers like the Kindle/Nook and normal tablets like the Nexus/iPad/Slate, it’s the only product out there that makes a convincing case for the modern tablet. ~still wanna read…

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I can always look back to the email kudos I have.. Today it’s from sreeni saying ::

Great work KK!

I like the way you have explored and made the JUNIT test run @ command line. This will solve a number of issues that were surfacing over the past week
I would like to quickly see this implemented. Do plan for a demo in the next two days.


~still wanna read…


The first day – Jan 7th @ NotionInk for me was definitely gr8.  By then, yet ‘unnamed tablet’ has created a lot of Buzz in the gadget space. Met Rohit Rathi, co-founder personally which was a great feel.

Jan 9th ~ coincidence, this is the day when NotionInk Adam was officially announced at CES’2010, Las Vegas. I have live streamed the video of nVidia launching it in CES (b’coz NI Adam uses tegra chip).. ~still wanna read…

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