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As many people still consider Adam and its species to be a vaporware, some term it as the biggest failure..                                                       Some tweet #RIP Adam1 😦 But many NI fans/stakeholders still anticipate for ADAM2 and eager to see an update from quite sometime.

Somehow this blog post title best suites the frame of my mind I’m in right now and most importantly to my blog.. Stay tuned as I will be back on track..!!

Cheerz, KK (April 20th, 2012)


Hello All,

We are back from hibernation now! Sorry for the break (much-needed on our end).

Let me know what is flowing across your minds and I will keep you busy reading on weekends!


Rohan Shravan

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[Update] Let me call 2010 – year of tablets! Here is a quick voting for ‘Android Person of the Year’ – Do vote for Rohan Shravan, he is already leading.. @ http://androinica.com/2010/12/27/vote-for-android-person-of-the-year-poll/

Its time for revolution – Adam has arrived..


Hello Everyone! The most awaited day has finally arrived! It took some time, but now when as we look back, it seems more than worth it. This is a rather detailed post and I will try to answer most of your questions. And there is a LOT to share. Let’s look at somethings we will talk about now: We promised that we will lower the price of the basic.. Over to NI…

Cast your vote here!

Rgrds, KK


This week has been most exhausting and happiest to me for many reasons! This is where we are after a considerable time of innovation at NI. We are finally done with a tool ~ QAN (Quality Assurance of NotionInk Apps) our own automation tool which runs CTS Scripts, Dalvik, Graphic, Monkey, Instrumentation, JUnit and automates the validation process of any Android applications. Though we thought of partnering with some industry experts lyk wind river – what stopped us is that they r not upto our needs. I really wanna appreciate our team (Sr, Sh, Ap, Ra ‘n’ Rv) for collective effort.. Many many thanks to our task master Vital.. We are enjoying the success now! Some more things which made this week so special are: ~still wanna read…

Innovation Center (IC) :: The Garden of Eden for NotionInk..

Take a look at this sneak peek videos of our founders at IC. Lot of buzz for Adam all around the world.

This is the place where I was spending most of the time, since past two months.. Fan page progressing at a rapid pace : now 1800 + fans. NDA with some hardcore fans. About 50 active countries. Im seriously trying to get rid of fan page creator rights, but no solution from facebook!

Technology tie-ups for more innovations, interacting directly with mgmt guys various partners. We at NI are trying to develop altogether a new framework for customers. Cool.. ~still wanna read…

Here is the love for the Notion Ink Adam!

By addressing the limitations of both e-readers like the Kindle/Nook and normal tablets like the Nexus/iPad/Slate, it’s the only product out there that makes a convincing case for the modern tablet. ~still wanna read…

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I can always look back to the email kudos I have.. Today it’s from sreeni saying ::

Great work KK!

I like the way you have explored and made the JUNIT test run @ command line. This will solve a number of issues that were surfacing over the past week
I would like to quickly see this implemented. Do plan for a demo in the next two days.


~still wanna read…


The first day – Jan 7th @ NotionInk for me was definitely gr8.  By then, yet ‘unnamed tablet’ has created a lot of Buzz in the gadget space. Met Rohit Rathi, co-founder personally which was a great feel.

Jan 9th ~ coincidence, this is the day when NotionInk Adam was officially announced at CES’2010, Las Vegas. I have live streamed the video of nVidia launching it in CES (b’coz NI Adam uses tegra chip).. ~still wanna read…

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