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As many people still consider Adam and its species to be a vaporware, some term it as the biggest failure..                                                       Some tweet #RIP Adam1 😦 But many NI fans/stakeholders still anticipate for ADAM2 and eager to see an update from quite sometime.

Somehow this blog post title best suites the frame of my mind I’m in right now and most importantly to my blog.. Stay tuned as I will be back on track..!!

Cheerz, KK (April 20th, 2012)


Hello All,

We are back from hibernation now! Sorry for the break (much-needed on our end).

Let me know what is flowing across your minds and I will keep you busy reading on weekends!


Rohan Shravan

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Hi friends !
                 I was waiting for a new and prosperous career for me..
 Hope the best. .Bye 
If you still don’t believe that the world is flat, then consider this: Infosys Technologies rang the Nasdaq opening bell remotely from Mysore. At 7 pm, Infosys chairman and chief mentor N R Narayana Murthy pressed a button to mark the opening of Monday’s trading session at Nasdaq’s MarketSite Tower in Times Square, New York.


The honour was bestowed upon Infosys on the occasion of its 25th anniversary celebrations. Infosys is the first Indian company to remotely ring the Nasdaq opening bell from India. While the remote opening of this nature has happened twice earlier — from Davos and London — this is the first time that a single company is doing this outside the US.

The opening bell is a ceremonial event that represents the essence of Nasdaq’s virtual market model. Since Nasdaq’s operations are entirely electronic, it can be opened from any location around the world, symbolically bringing together investors and market participants at the beginning of each trading day.


Hi everyone !

                            This is to inform you all that an article written by me was published in " Eenadu Daily on Jan 26th,2006 ". You can see the article through the following link in internet. To see:

         CLICK HERE 

                (on or before FEB 2)


                   Thank you for visiting my blog. Please keep sharing the valuable information with you to others.


          The king of computer software industry, Bill Gates, has received an ‘HONORARY KNIGHTHOOD‘ from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2 .

                 Bill Gates, 48, is the world’s wealthiest man, chairman and chief software architect of Microsoft Corp., and the founder of the Bill and Melindia Gates Foundation. He received this honour for his bussiness skills and his work on poverty reduction.

               In a statement after receiving the honour, Bill Gates said : "I am humbled and delighted. I’m particularly pleased that this honor helps recognize the real heroes our foundation supports to improve health in poor countries. Their incredible work is helping ensure that one day all people — no matter where they are born — will have the same oppurtunuty for a healthy life, and I’m grateful to share this honor with them".

        " British recipients of knighthoods are entitled to be addressed with a "sir" before their names.But as an American, Gates is not entitled to use "sir" before his name, but he can put the initials KBE–Knight Commander of British Empire — after his name.

          Gates said he was proud of what he called Microsoft’s " special relationship " with Britain. 



           Honorary Knighthoods are awarded by the Queen, on the advice of the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, to those who have made an important contribution to British interests.

           Previous US citizens receiving honorary knighthoods include former US presidents Ronald Reagen and George H.W.Bush, former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, US Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Green span, and entertainer Bob Hope.

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