The Benefits of Technology to Your Business

Posted on: August 24, 2010

Let me identify the benefits of technology to your business ::

Whatever the industry and business size, technology — and specifically the combination of computers, computer-related equipment and Internet connections — can help you do more, while also opening new opportunities to expand your business.

Grow your business. Expand your business with technology that helps you design products for a broader customer base and increase sales to new markets.

Work smarter. Efficiency can separate your business from the competition. With the right technology in place, you can organize and manage your business more effectively, and do more with fewer resources.

Attract more customers. Technology can help you find customers who need your product or service, increase their interest in what your business  offers and build your relationship with them over time.

Enhance customer service. Build your relationship with customers by communicating more often and providing an overall improved level of service.

Stay ahead of the competition. Should you raise product prices? Is the weather going to affect a crop? Use technology to stay abreast of the latest information affecting your business, and then adjust quickly to protect your
bottom line.

Technology Supports Business Growth: Examples from Around the Globe.

In Thailand, the Tourism Authority, Intel, TT&T and Google have combined to offer hardware, software and other technology that aids small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

In Vietnam, with the help of WiMAX, a high-capacity wireless broadband solution, hotels in the Lào Cai province now use Voiceover- Internet Protocol (VoIP) to entice tourists and adventure travelers. Hospitals use technology to access the latest medical information online and through VoIP, and Internet cafés serve residents and tourists.

In France, the Passport to the Digital Economy program has helped 15,000 small businesses adopt digital technology.

In India, women have become small-business owners of more than 200 computer-training centers in the state of Maharashtra. Each center has several PCs that are used to provide computer literacy to women from the surrounding community for a minimal fee. So far, more than 10,000 women have been trained to run the businesses, and 4,000 more are being trained each year.

As shown in Figure, one can begin with a small investment in technology and then add to that investment as your needs increase. I’ll first describe the basic elements of technology that are available, and explain the benefits of each. Then I’ll show you examples of packages of technology — often called “telco bundles”

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13 Responses to "The Benefits of Technology to Your Business"

Technology is a great asset to businesses. In my business I require employees to keep all forms as fillable .PDF files, makes it so much faster to fill out, keeps it easy to read, and helps us process more people coming in looking for jobs. People have loved how much faster we can work now, with all forms as .PDF files and everything computerized.

Yes, technology is a blessing, but the trade-off is a society whose people have fewer social skills!

Now a days technology become the corner stone of any type of business and organization. It gives possible best result at minimal time.

scientists are as hard to shut down as are the Climate Change..Yes Technology Is a Great Asst to buisness….

the importance that technology has for the business of any person is impressive.
learn to apply it and you will benefit and satisfied customers
I enjoyed your post because it addresses exactly this and satisfied customer is always full house!
Ler foneticamente

Technology is a great asset to businesses.By reading this article now i wish to expand my business with Technology.Before reading this article i did not know that business depends on technology.Thank you for sharing.

This article is an informative for how the technology is using for every business. very nice article

Very informative article that really could expand our knowledge about technology, business, and relation between both of them. It is great if we could utilize technology in order to get more profit for our business. Thank you

very informative ..indeed technology is taking business to greater levels and is helping us achieve greater things…

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