Technology: Your roadmap to business success

Posted on: August 22, 2010

Hmmm, lemme put it this way:

In the past two decades, computers and the Internet have changed the world. People now communicate faster, more often and in different ways. Likewise, businesses operate differently — processing and storing more information, reaching out to new markets and managing operations more efficiently.

The advent of technology has ensured that life — and business — will never be the same. However, computer-related technology (often called information and communication technology, or ICT) has not yet reached every corner of the world, and it has not reached many small and medium businesses that could benefit from the services it provides.

This blog is designed to explore ways of making business success by taking full advantage of ICT. I will introduce you to the many benefits of ICT, show you examples of how technology has helped businesses, and introduce some of the basic elements of a technology solution that you should consider for every business.


6 Responses to "Technology: Your roadmap to business success"

Yes, You stated an important fact about ICT in the above article. Computer services must expand to the small and medium size industries because they are major source of income.The small business are expanding rapidly and they must reach to information technology to expand business to various part at an cheap affordable source and ICT plays a vital role in achieving Fast expansion

You told about an important fact in the world.In todays life most of the people use computer and internet.But the technology was not used in most of the todays business.But using ICT we can expand our business.

I once read that Google was on the verge of shutting down Youtube because of the extremely high costs of storing so much information. Don’t you think that if the ICT technology were to reach these small and medium businesses that you speak of, that it could potentially hurt them? And how can they optimize their use of ICT?

Yep, I do think.. the latest technologies have brought down the storage capacities nd thats what is exactly needed by the SME’s at a initial stage

This Article explains importance of ICT for business success and its expansion. It Think this article will help ppl to grow their business by knowing ICT

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