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Posted on: April 11, 2010


Its already 6 days since the last time I have seen my lappy.. God, get it back !

Getting to see more and more competition on technology space day – by – day.

  • Facebook to launch full-on email service to take stake on Gmail
  • Apples law suite on HTC for patents
  • iPad released all over the world ~ but fans still waiting for ‘Adam’
  • Watch out the Gadgetrivia space ~ Interesting!
  • HP Slate – ICD Gemini tablets stands on top contenders of iPad [aside ‘Adam’]
  • Checking ‘Google Wave’ and ‘Google Search Story Creator’ {the below is embedded video}.

“Our fb fan page crosses 3000+ yesterday – thnx all” : I was just curious if Apple’s iPad has a similar facebook fan page and would like to compare with it. However, there is nothing official but many fake fan pages..

Again, received call for entrance at one more renowned institute .. Well, when the last time I faced GD/PI for admission. To my dismay, the topic is “Small states contribute to the development of India?” Its an open discussion, however, I have to choose the +ve side being in the region of agitation..

Now, here it is from Dr.JP :: “A mere change of the State’s name or boundaries or capital will not alter any- thing unless fundamental governance reforms are ushered in,” says the Lok Satta Party in its report to the Justice Srikrishna Committee, which is inquiring into the situation in Andhra Pradesh. [complete report]

Thats well said JP ~ me noding ‘Yes’


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