Infringement of my Lap!

Posted on: April 7, 2010


I m now in fact getting used to stay without my laptop. I can never forget that day when myself and my cousin tried to get the best configuration to home.

I never thought this would happen to me. This is sarcastic indeed! I should count on ‘God’ now. However, lemme just pour in my melting moments with my best frnd ever in this world since 15-Jun-2006.  It is my ‘Mother of computing’ ..

i) My presentation @ Naledge’06

ii)My active lead as chair for CSI SRKR

iii)My final yr project – Web Crawler

iv)My IBM project ‘nd’ many technical backup’s

v)Many a times – sweet memos of frnds, parties

vi)Chweet memos of my family altogether..

vii)My initiative to facebook – NotionInk Adam..

Now the dawn of my computing is no more. After all, I m blogging from the office pc and I can’t digest this.

I can definitely say one thing:

“What is gone is gone, it may not return. What is gone is gone, the absence left my heart to burn..

What is gone is gone, I cannot deny. I had no heart to say goodbye..

Because what is gone is gone, is the rest. Is something I cannot let my heart test..

Nothing matters as you can see, what is gone is gone is clearly my cute lap..

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