Innovation Center

Posted on: March 18, 2010

Innovation Center (IC) :: The Garden of Eden for NotionInk..

Take a look at this sneak peek videos of our founders at IC. Lot of buzz for Adam all around the world.

This is the place where I was spending most of the time, since past two months.. Fan page progressing at a rapid pace : now 1800 + fans. NDA with some hardcore fans. About 50 active countries. Im seriously trying to get rid of fan page creator rights, but no solution from facebook!

Technology tie-ups for more innovations, interacting directly with mgmt guys various partners. We at NI are trying to develop altogether a new framework for customers. Cool..

My CAT (taken on Dec 22nd) result is out. Just below the expected percentile. However, got call from applied B-School .. Just to throw a stone for admit.

Rgrds, K.K (so-called in NI)


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