Tapping the world of Adam

Posted on: January 9, 2010


The first day – Jan 7th @ NotionInk for me was definitely gr8.  By then, yet ‘unnamed tablet’ has created a lot of Buzz in the gadget space. Met Rohit Rathi, co-founder personally which was a great feel.

Jan 9th ~ coincidence, this is the day when NotionInk Adam was officially announced at CES’2010, Las Vegas. I have live streamed the video of nVidia launching it in CES (b’coz NI Adam uses tegra chip)..

Next day, my Vital came here and gave a convincing  extempore with team mates. That made me realize the importance of this opportunity.. Yes, I strongly believe : “It’s a once in lifetime chance” to work for first Indian product development firm “NotionInk Design Labs Pvt Ltd.,”


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